Aston Martin Valkyrie


Aston Martin has offered customers the 150 Valkyrie road hypercars to further enhance their vehicles with the AMR Track Performance Pack.

And that’s just the pinnacle of the personalization program provided by Q by Aston Martin. The package can be supplemented with various options and accessories for the track garage and racing suits. In addition, the hypercar can be decorated in one of the four Designer Specification themes, with special colors and finishes outside and inside, or you can “wear” one of the three AMR racing liveries on the car, or even come up with some unusual design according to the Q program by Aston Martin – Commission.

Moreover, Q by Aston Martin offers the unique and awesome Ultimate Personalization program. You can already order a custom-made roof and another engine compartment lid (for example, from “visible” carbon fiber instead of the standard glossy black paint), the color and texture of the exhaust pipes, the finish of anodized metal switches on the stong and shiny steering wheel (silver, red, black) – or even replace them with titanium ones.

Recall that a unique 6.5-liter aspirated engine was developed in cooperation with Cosworth. It spins to an insane 11,100 rpm, with a maximum power of 1,014 hp. produces at 10,500 rpm, and the thrust peak of 740 Nm falls at 7,000 rpm. Moreover, the engine and the gearbox are included in the power structure of the car: for example, the rear suspension levers are attached to the gearbox housing, and as a result, this solution allows to reduce the total weight of the car and increase the rigidity of the structure. Maintainability in this case fades into the background.

The engine of the hypercar, apparently, does not undergo changes during the installation of the track package. Recall, this is a high-speed aspirated V12 6.5, created in cooperation with Cosworth and developing 1014 hp. and 740 N • m. Moreover, its maximum power is reached at 10,500 rpm, the maximum torque is at 7,000 rpm, and the red zone is at 11,100 rpm. And these are only the parameters of one internal combustion engine, which in the Valkyrie is supplemented with a traction electric motor. The total output of the entire power plant has not yet been disclosed.

However, the dynamic parameters have not yet been made public. After all, the hypercar has the whole cycle of road tests ahead, which will take more than one month. And in this Aston Martin will be assisted not only by Red Bull Advanced Technologies, which has been participating in the project from the very beginning (primarily in terms of aerodynamics), but also by the English racing team AF Racing. Customers will have to be patient.