2019 Suzuki Jimny


The Jimny is built in Japan, and it  is not a car, but a dream. Everything in it is simple, thoughtful and extremely neat. Made in such a way as to sell the car not to someone, but to you. Bribes! And the Suzuki Jimny is a completely freaky blank for tuning.

In Europe and Russia Suzuki   sells Jimny with a plastic body kit, which gives the car a cool “off-road” look. The length of such a Dzhimnik is 3645 mm, the width is 1645 mm. The design is incredible: the round headlights and direction indicators, as well as the plastic trim are reminiscent of the LJ10 cars, and the body is reminiscent of the second generation, the SJ30 series. And although the new Jimny outwardly resembles its predecessors, released in the middle of the 20th century, it looks great.

On the market, Suzuki Jimny will be presented in different colors – monochrome or two-tone, with a dark roof. And that’s a good thing: few people will probably want to buy a canary car. The roof has a high quality flanging, and you can install a very powerful trunk. This gives Dzhimnik a resemblance to Gelendvagen, especially if the first is black and with a spare wheel in a casing.

The transmission works partly with the front axle connected via wheel hubs, just like in the previous generation. The transfer case has a lowering row, there is also an optional interwheel lock. True, exclusively at the rear, and implemented using a limited slip differential (LSD). In other words, you cannot forcibly turn it on – it is activated when you slip. There are still two transmission options, and these are a 5-speed manual and a 4-speed hydromechanical automatic Aisin TW-40E.

The interior has improved its quality compared to its predecessor and has become more ergonomic, but there is still no steering wheel adjustment for reach, and tall drivers still lack the range of longitudinal adjustment of the seat. The plastic in the cabin is tough everywhere, but it looks neat, the assembly of the exhibition samples is impeccable.

The back seat is designed strictly for two, and on condition that a low driver and passenger are sitting in front, otherwise there will simply be no place for legs. Basically, the Jimny has a 2 + 2 seating arrangement, and the second row should be considered a backup. Under the climate control unit there are two buttons for the front door windows (the left one with an automatic closer), a button for the descent control system and a button for disabling the stabilization system. At the bottom there are two regular 12-volt sockets, a USB connector, and a phone shelf.

Instruments with orange backlighting are somewhat reminiscent of motorcycles. When you drive, nothing creaks or rustles in the cabin. A separate button turns on the headlight washer – in our conditions this is good news.

There is no trunk in the Suzuki Jimny, the volume of space behind the backs of the second-row seats is only 98 liters. It can be increased to 830, but then there will be no second row that way. There is a compromise – to fold backs separately . If you lower only one, a child can sit at the back, and you even put a bag next to it. Four of us – whether two adults will fit back, the big question – will have to go without luggage. By the way, according to the documents, Jimny’s carrying capacity is only 300 kg – this is just the average weight of four men.