2019 Mazda 3


The new generation of Mazda 3 is one of the most important new products of 2019. This is a truly popular, massive, people’s choice car in Europe.

The Mazda 3 2019 is a C-class car, which is now presented in its fourth generation. The history of Mazda 3 has many interesting offshoots in the face of powerful modifications of the Mazda 3 MPS, hybrids and versions with all-wheel drive. But the basis of the lineup has always remained unchanged: a hatchback or a sedan, motors with a capacity of 100-150 hp. and front-wheel drive.

The 2019 Mazda 3 has a light steering wheel, moderately fast but soft reactions during sharp changes of course and slight heels. The car bounces on small irregularities, as if a couple of extra atmospheres were blown into the tires. There are fewer noises and vibrations, which is great. However, the price to pay for additional insulation materials is the curb weight increased by at least 40 kg.

The car has a new 2.0-liter SkyActiv-X petrol engine with a supercharger and SPCCI technology, i.e. spark plug controlled compression ignition, which can be translated as: spark ignition controlled compression ignition. Engineers tried to combine the advantages of gasoline engines and diesel engines. The manufacturer has not yet shared the details, but says that the new engine in terms of power characteristics will correspond to the well-known atmospheric 2.5 SkyActiv-G engine, and will not be inferior to the diesel in terms of economy. The transition from one mode to another is completely invisible. With a return of about 187 hp such a motor is significantly cleaner and produces less emissions than an equally economical diesel engine. During factory tests, a consumption of about 6 liters per 100 km was shown.

The novelty looks very worthy! Especially in the five-door body, where, having sacrificed visibility, the designers narrowed the side windows, made a powerful rear pillar and strongly tilted the glass of the fifth door – not the most practical solution, but it looks cool and makes the new product stand out from the competitors. For the sake of design, the manufacturer even forked out for double symmetrical muffler pipes, although it would be possible to save money and get by with one, or even do, make plastic dummies in the bumper, which is what German premium brands sin.

The wheelbase of the novelty is increased by 2.5 cm, which promises more space for rear passengers. In general, the interior looks modern and minimalist. The maximum screen diagonal of the media center has been increased to 8.8 inches. The designers also improved noise isolation and thoroughly worked on ergonomics, improving visibility from the driver’s seat and placing the gear lever closer to the front panel.

This is the first Mazda to feature a driver’s knee airbag. In this matter, Japanese manufacturers lagged behind, but little by little they began to catch up. The knee pad is standard on machines in all markets.

Visibility is improved: the windshield pillars have become thinner, and the “driver’s” wiper fits very close to the pillar. The washer nozzles are now located on the wiper arms.