2019 Audi e-tron


Audi AG unveiled in the American San Francisco, California, the crossover of the future – the Audi E-tron with electric drive and the price from $ 74,800 in Europe. The Audi e-tron Quattro is Audi’s first electrically driven model suitable for everyday use. E-tron production started in Brussels at a speed of about 200 cars per day.

The novelty differs from other vehicles of the German brand even in the base. It is based not on a specialized electric platform MEB from Volkswagen, but on a standard MLB “cart” with a longitudinal engine placement. The car looks like a symbiosis of a hatchback and a coupe-like crossover.

The power plant of the Audi e-tron Sportback includes three electric motors that deliver a total power of 435 hp, and the maximum possible figure reaches 503 hp in Boost-Mode. The overall crossover combines the strongest qualities of the electric drive. With an electric powertrain and a generous range of vehicles, the vehicle is perfect for everyday driving.

Machine length is 4901 mm, width is 1935 mm, height is 1616 mm. The luggage compartment volume is 600 liters and 1725 with the seats folded. As standard, the E-Tron is equipped with a five-speed air suspension with an adjustment range of 76.2 mm, which adapts to road conditions.

The car is equipped with two asynchronous electric motors, 1 on each axle. Power consumption front 125 kW, rear 140 kW. Overall, the machine operates at around 265 kW, which is equivalent to 360 hp. In the short acceleration mode, the total engine performance increases to 300 kW, which is equivalent to about 408 hp.

The most striking feature of the E-Tron’s exterior are the lights with the illuminated crossbar, as on the A7 and A8. The front optics received a notch characteristic of all new Audi, the radiator grill here is the same shape as that of gasoline crossovers. Another detail that the E-Tron will certainly give out is cameras instead of mirrors. Audi says that they decided to abandon the usual mirrors in favor of aerodynamics: the drag coefficient was reduced to 0.27. But cameras are still an expensive option, and also very controversial.

The E-Tron’s interior is devoid of the futurism that Tesla sins. And if the interior of an American electric car a couple of years ago attracted by original solutions, now it all looks a little outdated. There are two monitors in the center. The first is responsible for multimedia, the second for climate control. Of the unusual – only the transmission selector, which looks more like a massive trigger. It fits perfectly in the hand, has an unusual design and intuitive controls, so there is a strong feeling that we will see it on other Audi models soon.