Weather LIVE


Today we’re taking a look at weather live for Android. Weather live is a phenomenal looking application that tells you what the current weather is. There’s tons of different layouts that you could choose from, and that’s the beauty of weather live is you could customize and pretty much everything that you see on the screen. So at the bottom in this particular layout we have the days and the weather for each one. We could also switch to our leave you and view the weather this way. Alternatively we could just hop into settings and layout and there’s four layouts that you could choose from and we’ll just go through each one and see what the difference is. So that was the circular layout and now we’ve selected this text-only layout and as you swipe between the different cities that you have set up you’ll get different images kind of representing the current weather and what it’s supposed to look like outside. And again at the bottom we have some things that you could swipe between. As you can see the wind speed and direction has changed and it’s now on the bottom right. And you also have the day view. Let’s go into layout one more time and go into the dashboard. This is kind of a more compact layout, a little more concise and very to-the-point. Let’s go ahead one more time and explore the last layout. I think this is the most comprehensive layout. It’s got the most information on screen I think. And it’s the most visually appealing in my opinion. And if we just hop into settings one more time you’ll get to configure different units, temperature units, wind speed units whatever it may be you could configure it. And there’s also various parameters that you could reorder and customize whether you want to show them or not you could do so. There you go, it’s a very customizable weather app for Android weather live. Go ahead and check it out on the Google Play Store