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I was looking at the App Store, and I found the app called Bring! That it’s actually made in Switzerland.I found this app super easy to use. First of all, I really like the layout of the app – it’s really nicely designed and the way they’ve designed this app is where it eliminates extra clicks and it makes it really easy to add things to the list and remove them. The way it works is just you select an item and you click on it and it just adds it to your list or you can type it in the search above it will pull up different items that match your search, and then you just click on it to add it to your list. Once you actually buy the items all you have to do is to remove the item from the list: just click on it and it removes you from the list. It also has a recently used tab, where it will show you the recently used items. I like the layout of this app. I like that it has pictures with every item. I like how easy it is to see everything, it gives you a visual shopping list which is really nice, you can also share your shopping list with someone else, and you can communicate so they will see what items you put into the shopping list and they can also add items and remove items from the shopping list which is really nice.

Another cool thing is that this app has an inspiration section, where they will show you different dishes to make. If you click on the item it will give you a list of the ingredients for making that meal. Another interesting feature that this shopping list has – it will try to help you out. And what you need to buy and it will keep track of what you’re buying, and it will kind of try to help you, and will let you know if you might be running out of something.