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 A different list in this calendar is going to be IF TTT- if this then that. If this then that basically allows you to program different apps in a very effortless way so you can automate certain productivity tasks instead of having to repeat all the steps every single time. Some examples of what this app can do is after you make a call on your phone it can log that call on your Google Spreadsheets. If you add a new task with your Google home device, it can automatically add that same task to your iOS calendar. If you post a picture on Instagram IF TTT can automatically save the photo to Dropbox. It can automatically send to Evernote or other note-taking apps. Any receipts from email receipts coming from Amazon, iTunes, Google Play automatically saving certain news to your pocket app and so on. The list is endless and allows you to automate every single thing you do in your life with your devices or any type of app on your phone or computer.