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In case you also want to use your device to improve your active learning and problem-solving skills – Brilliant is the way to go. Brilliant is a platform where you can find full-fledged courses on math and sciences and thousands of problems with step-by-step guides and interactive quizzes to help you actively improve your knowledge. Even when you lack the time to sit down in front of your computer for a longer period of time to delve into their courses, Brilliant features daily challenges which are quick and allowed to learn something new every single day. Each daily challenge provides you with the context and framework that you need to tackle it with animations, illustrations and interactive visualizations so that you learn the concepts by playing them. If you like the problem and want to learn more there’s a course that explores the same concept in greater detail. For instance, one of the daily challenges allows you to calculate how much we can send to Mars but if you want to know more you can explore the classical mechanics course which includes 55 interactive quizzes and more than 700 guided problems and explanations. In case you’re confused I need more guidance there’s a community of thousands of learners discussing the problems and writing solutions. Daily challenges are thought-provoking problems that will lead you form curiosity to mastery one day at a time.