PhotoScan by Google Photos


Today we’re going to be taking a look at the Google photo scan application. Essentially what this app allows you to do is scan physical photos and turn them into a digital photo. So essentially if you want to back up your physical photos and share them or anything of such, this application allows you to do that. So it is free in the app store. I believe it’s available for both iOS and Android. It’s actually a very simple application. The user interface just looks very similar to a standard camera application. You have basic controls: you have on the left side on the bottom left a flash control shutter button and then a question mark to get help if you are stuck. So it’s actually very simple: all you have to do is line up the photo within the rectangular squares. Then press the shutter button and it will then take a picture. There are little white circles on the display so essentially have to match up this little middle circle with the four outer circles. The image has been scanned and you can see it is now down in the bottom right corner. If we tap on it – it has scanned that particular image. So it does have some processing under the hood that reduces glare. Basically what it’s doing is it’s reducing the glare by taking several photos and then combining them into one photo to give you the best looking image. And then once the application is scanned the photo, it shows any preview and then you have some real basic editing options that you can apply to it. So you can rotate so if it’s upside down or sideways or not in the correct orientation you can easily rotate it into the correct orientation. Then we have a corner just now. Then you have the option to delete if you are not happy with the image. And then you have the little three icons where it gives you a few more options so you can save your camera roll delete just like before send feedback help or install google photos if you would like to upload this to your google photos library. Let’s go just save it to the photo library or the camera roll. Save and then of course it needs access to your photos so hit OK and there you go so it has now been saved to your camera roll. If we go back it goes back to the main screen and then you start all over again. So a really really neat application is very simple and is a super useful thing for those of us that have lots of physical images that we want to get into digital format and to share with friends or just to back them up on an external hard drive so you don’t lose them.