YouTube Music


Number three for the best music streaming app would be YouTube music. YouTube music is quite new to the game of streaming apps, but they are owned by Google. They have all the content on YouTube, and they have an enormous amount of data on your profile. If you use YouTube and if you have a gmail account use Google Drive use Google search which you likely do have data on you. So that’s a big distinct feature and pro for YouTube music is they can leverage everything that they own under the Google umbrella. So right away when you sign up for a YouTube music account they’re going to have four recommendations for you already because they know what you’ve been searching on Google; they know what you’ve been searching for on YouTube music on YouTube, and they already have music videos inside YouTube music. So they just know what to recommend for you already because they have a history on your profile. So, big big Pro for YouTube music right there. A con is just that they’re new in the space and they’re quite a young platform. So, their features are still quite limited and over time they will get better and grow. So, I really see a big potential for YouTube music to really grab the streaming market by storm in a few years once it develops into more of a mature product.