Young Radio Plus


Building requirements to download is that you must be running iOS 9 or above and you must have at least 42 megabytes of storage available. Once you’re in you’ll see three tabs. On the bottom we have the Home tab, the radio tab and then the my music tab. In the my music tab you’ll be able to see your offline music and your offline videos which are the music and videos that you do download. This app does have lots of ads in it. However, it does have an awesome option where you can go ahead and watch a video and remove all the ads for four hours. So I do recommend you do this. This is perfect when you’re first downloading all the songs that you want. Removing ads makes it a lot easier to download the songs you want. When you’re on the home page you can see the top tracks. Also, notice that we have a search bar on the top of the screen. Here you can obviously search whatever song you want. You’ll also see history – last song searched.