Number four for the best music streaming app would be the  Tidal.  Tidal is very much focused under the general umbrella of hip-hop, R&B, soul music. While maybe not soulmates because music as much but it would mostly be hip-hop R&B in urban music. Recently taken over by J’s so it has a lot of that vibe of hip-hop music. Great if you like hip-hop music that’s a big pro for them is they’ve really taken control of that genre and they have this type of feeling words of VIP feeling. They give you exclusive access and unseen content to some of the artists on the platform that won’t release any other music except on  Tidal. So, you really bridge the gap between artist and listener and it gives you a feeling of like you know the artists a bit more as opposed to if you’re on Apple music or Spotify where there’s very much a gap between listener and artist. Not to mention  Tidal claims that they have the best quality of music out there with any other streaming service on the market. And yes that is true the amount of compression they do on their songs is the highest quality compared to any other music platform. So, they can claim that and if you are an avid music listener or an engineer and you can really tell the difference between good sound and bad sound you will tell the difference on a Spotify song and a  Tidal song. There is a noticeable quality difference if you’re just a mass-market kind of music listener and you don’t really pay attention to much of the quality you likely won’t ever notice the difference of quality between a Spotify and  Tidal song. Con 2  Tidal is if you’re really not in that genre umbrella of hip-hop urban and R&B music. If you would rather have mainstream pop music it’s better to go with something like Spotify or Apple music or YouTube music. Where it’s not so much of a tailored focused on one genre.