Spotify: Music and Podcasts


Number one would be Spotify coming in at about $9.99 a month for an individual premium plan. You can also go with a free version and have to listen to ads etc. The big pros of Spotify are great music discovery features. Spotify has a really really strong underlying algorithm underneath their platform that recommends new music for you that you’ve probably never heard of. Based on what your interests are. So, for example, you listen to a lot of music on Spotify and over time they get to understand what you like, and then will recommend new music for you based on your interests. And most of the time it’s quite similar, and you end up following new artists and liking new music because of their algorithms. So, Spotify is number one and super-strong with music discovery. One of the big cons to Spotify is they pay very poorly when it comes to songwriter royalties. So much so that a lot of big artists like jay-z Kanye West Hills don’t even have their music on Spotify. That could end up becoming quite a bad thing for them with more big artists leaving their platforms.