SoundCloud – Music & Audio


Number six for the best music streaming app would be SoundCloud. A couple things to mention before I get into SoundCloud which I should have mentioned for YouTube music as well would be YouTube music and SoundCloud offer the ability to upload music as a creator for free. So, if I’m a musician and they make a song in my bedroom I can upload it to YouTube as a video format for free. I can upload it to SoundCloud for free. With Spotify Apple music and deezer you can’t do these you can’t do that you need a distributor in the middle that you have to pay to get your music on those streaming services. So, with that said there is a big difference when it comes to the music catalog. SoundCloud and YouTube music have bigger music catalogs because they have more people uploading music. It doesn’t necessarily mean the quality is better. Actually, it means that the quality is most likely lower on soundcloud on youtube music because you just have creators and musicians from their bedrooms or from other studios uploading music for free. If you’re into that independent music style you like listening to people that only have 10 followers or only making music out of their bedroom then something like SoundCloud something like YouTube music will be the platform for you. The ConSoundCloud is not a great place to go find mainstream music if you just want to listen to mainstream pop, and you want to be recommended to mainstream pop music. You’re not gonna find that on soundcloud as opposed to something like Apple music and Spotify.