Deezer: Music & Podcast Player


Number 5 for best music streaming apps would be Deezer. I think of Deezer as like the youngest child and the start-up of all the music streaming apps. They’re quite a scrappy company that is constantly delivering new features and trying new things, which I really like and why I put them on the list. I really don’t think they compare to most of the other streaming apps out there on the list, but I do like them because one has the music they have like the 60 million songs or whatever that most of all the streaming services do have as well. They have the free trial, they have the paid trial. It’s very much in line with all the other features of what Spotify and Apple music have, for example. The only difference and Pro that I like what these are is they’re trying new things. For example, they have this little thing called labs where you can turn this on in settings and try out the new features that Deezer hasn’t yet released publicly yet. But they’re only testing in the market which I thought was really cool. The cons when it comes to Deezer it just does seem like the younger sibling to when it comes to Spotify and Apple music and not yet as developed in terms of their features. And music discovery and I haven’t noticed a lot of improvements over the last year where I did mention kind of the lack of maturity with YouTube music. But already they’re starting to ship new things with Deezer. I haven’t noticed that as much. So, I don’t know if it just seems like it’s used easier when you can have something better with Apple music Spotify or YouTube music.