Apple Music


Number two for the best music streaming app out there would be Apple music. No surprise there – if you have an iPhone if you use a macbook that is all pre-installed on those devices. One of the distinct features and pros for Apple music is if you’re just on the Apple network already. You have an Apple ID MacBook you have an iPhone it’s automatically in sync with all these devices on your iCloud. It’s just really helpful in that way. I’m an iPhone user and I started using Apple music as it was my first music streaming device, and I had a big iTunes catalog coming in from that. So, I had all my music in the same place and it was all in sync. One of the cons to Apple music is their music discovery. Really not as strong as Spotify and they don’t have these discover weekly taste breaker playlist that Spotify would have. So, you don’t normally come across new music as much. It’s more of a platform for listeners who already really know what they like, and want an organized library of music with their iPhone and macbook.