MediBang Paint


MediBang Paint is a raster drawing and painting app that’s available for desktop, android and iOS devices. The base version of this app is free, almost. To access the full version, which allows you to select multiple layers, you need to watch a video ad first. After that, the base version becomes available for 13 hours. In addition to that, MediBang Paint has in-app purchases, like ad removal and various feature packs. But you can still do a lot with the basic features. The interface is easy to navigate; there are a lot of familiar tools, and over 50 customizable bushes. The important thing to note is that you are able to create canvases for your artwork in 300DPI and export them as a JPEG, PNG, or a PNG with a transparent background. One thing to note is that on the mobile version of this app you are not able to select the color profile, which you can do on the desktop app.So you’re working in RGB by default.