Ibis Paint X


Ibis Paint X.It’s another free app on our list that’s available for both Android and iOs devices. The core version is free, but some of the features like extra brushes can be unlocked by watching an ad. You can create custom canvases and adjust the DPI settings, and export your print files as PNG. However, you can’t change the color profile so, by default, you’re working in RGB. This is where it comes in handy to have printed color swatches since you’re able to see how specific colors come out. If you plan on creating your designs only on portable devices, without finalizing them in a desktop application, you need to pay attention to the minor details of your print file, make sure that all the lines connect and there are no semi-transparent areas within the design elements. Your best bet is to include an additional layer that matches the shape of your final design and fill it with a solid color, this way when it gets printed you won’t have any unpredictable results. It’s not impossible to create print-ready designs on Android, but proceed with caution and make sure to plan out your design, so that you don’t sacrifice quality in the end. The last three Android apps that we have covered are best suitable for creating simple artwork for DTG, like simplified illustrations or bicolor designs. If you want to know more about making sure to check out our design trend video for 2020, where we cover those trends in detail. If you don’t want to download any apps and just want to create elementary designs, you can do that in Printful’s mockup generator. With constantly updated features, sample graphics, texts, and clipart, you can create designs for any products that are available in our catalog, completely free. We have step-by-step tutorials showing how this can be done for DTG and all-over products, so feel free to check them out at any time.