Zillow Real Estate & Rentals


Moving on to number 2 and the second-best app is Zillow. And by all accounts Zillow is the most popular app. But I don’t feel like they’re the best app and let me tell you why. First when you load up the app it’s almost like having two different apps. You have the pictures up here and you have the info down here and when you pull up the info you can’t really see the pictures anymore and that’s more of a personal preference for me but I like having the idea of looking at the pictures and the information at the same exact time. And when you are looking at the pictures sometimes the map shows up right here sometimes it doesn’t show up sometimes it shows up at the bottom it’s not really Universal across all of the properties for sale. So I’d like to see a little bit more consistency with the location of the map feature. Once we’re actually looking at the info I like the overall presentation of the app. I like that you can easily see how long it’s been on Zillow. And I like that you can see the number of times it’s been viewed and the number of times it’s been saved. That’s something that we haven’t seen in any of the other apps that we’ve looked at.

That tells me the popularity and I think that’s a really cool feature. What I don’t like is you have to scroll all the way down and then click on a button to actually see the virtual tour. Why not have the virtual 2 or higher or at least in the same section as the photos? Zillow also allows properties to have a video walkthrough feature. Which I think has the potential to be really cool. But the problem with the video walkthrough is the only way to upload the video is through the Zillow premier agent app on your phone or tablet. This means that you can’t record a professional quality video and then have that as the video walkthrough you can’t upload so what ends up happening is you have these really nice properties with video walkthroughs done on cell phones. That maybe isn’t the best quality. It would be a lot better for the consumer if agents were to upload video files to the premier agent app so the quality of that video walkthrough tour would get a lot better. Another negative about the video walkthrough feature is that it’s buried in the app. It’s not easy to find in order to find it you have to scroll all the way down to the bottom of the pictures to get the video. If you have something so valuable like a video walkthrough of a property well that actually encourages the user to stay on the app for longer. Is that why illa wants to stay on the app for as long as possible? So then why hide it at the very bottom. That should be displayed a lot more prominently to encourage the user to click on the video, watch the video and to stay on the Zillow app for as long as possible. Now the biggest benefit of the Zillow app is they have the most data. They have so much consumer data in the app it’s actually kind of scary how much data that they have. However if I want to zoom in and see properties that recently sold or that are pending it can be very hard to interpret the data that’s showing up. I see the recent Sol’s but I’m not sure about the pending sales and it’s not a good looking interface. Overall I really like the Zillow app and I use the app quite frequently but it’s the third app that I use.

I like Zillow better from a consumer standpoint than Homesnap but I like Homesnap better from a real estate agent standpoint. And by far the biggest issue with Zillow continues to be accuracy. And I’m not talking about the Zestimate where it gives you the approximate value of the property. I’m more so talking about the properties that are listed as active on Zillow when in reality they’re actually pending.