Redfin Buy & Sell Real Estate


And the best real estate app on the market right now is Redfin. Redfin is a discount brokerage that also has a real estate app and it is the best app for one main reason. It has the best user experience. It’s simple when you’re on the Redfin app you want to stay on the Redfin app it’s clean it’s not cluttered. When you load up a property all the information is right there. Guys I say this and red fin is a direct competitor. They’re actually trying to eliminate the real estate agent. However I love their real estate app. As we take a look at the app it has all of the information front and center. The Redfin app came before the Compass app and the Compass app looks very similar. It’s kind of like when you’re in elementary school and you tell your buddy yeah copy my homework but you know it makes you look a little bit different. When we scroll down we see the most important information first.

So this is a townhouse we have the HOA fees displayed in this first section. No extra clicks and not too much scrolling to find these fees. One thing I wouldn’t pay too much attention to is the Redfin estimate graph. It’s cool to look at and see how the value has changed but come on to this property really dropping in value by $200,000 in one year in the hottest real estate market in the country? Probably not. The Redfin estimates and the Zillow’s estimates are fun toys. They’re cool to look at, they’re cool to play with but you shouldn’t take them too seriously. Another feature that Redfin has is the hot home feature. A home gets this tag when a bunch of people click on this listing and then red fin shows that it’s a popular property. Now I’m not quite sure how the algorithm works but I know when I have a listing what I do is I click on my listing close the app click on my listing and close it.

I like to try to manipulate the algorithm just a little bit I don’t know if it actually does anything but when I see that hot home above my listing well it’s kind of cool and I think as a consumer it would make you want to click on that property compared to just a listing that didn’t have that tag. One feature that I wish would be more utilized is the tour insights. If you’re a Redfin agent and you tour the property you have the opportunity to leave your feedback. I don’t think it’s a great value right now because you the comments end up being something very basic that is not much help. Overall the reason that Redfin takes the top spot is because it’s easy to use it’s accurate and it has a lot of data and if you’re a real estate app you need all three of these things every other app that’s not number one you know maybe they weren’t easy to use maybe they didn’t have all the properties or maybe they weren’t accurate. Guys Redfin has all three of these things and that is why it is my favorite real estate app.