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The first app that we’re gonna be looking at guys and in my opinion the fifth best real estate app on the market right now is the app so let’s get into the app right now and the first thing I don’t like about the app is it is not pleasant on the eyes. When I open up the app and start at a very large birds eye view it’s not a very helpful screen. Each of these dots represent one new listing but when I zoom in there’s obviously more listings that weren’t shown when I was in doubt. So I’m not really sure how those properties get chosen to show up and you know some don’t get chosen to show up. Usually what apps do and what I would prefer is if you were so far away like this you click the dot and it says oh yeah 200 listings in this vicinity. I feel like I have to keep zooming in on one area to kind of realize how many listings are in that vicinity. I see one dot but when I zoom in I see a bunch more and that kind of confuses me as a consumer. The second thing I don’t like about the real komm ab is i did notice some accuracy issues as i started looking at listings. Let’s take for example this house here the address is north Carlin Springs Road. But it says it’s located on North Thomas Street now. This isn’t something where the pin is actually a hundred feet away and they just missed it. This location is significantly wrong in fact when we look at it on Google Street View we are literally in a Harris Teeter parking lot. Guys it says the new construction home is in the Harris Teeter parking lot that’s not a good thing. Now sometimes agents mess up when they upload their listening to the MLS the pin goes in the wrong spot. But that’s not the case here as when we open up the home staff app we can see that home staff has correctly listed this property where it belongs on north Carlin Springs Road. Once we actually get into the realtor com app what I do like is you can immediately see the 3d tour.

I like how its front and center even if these 3d tours make you dizzy. I would prefer to have it easily available rather than to bury it somewhere in the description or to not have a 3d tour at all. As we start going through the listing I do like how the app has pictures where you can swipe right or left and it even has a description of the pictures so if I just want to jump to the kitchen or if I just want to see the living room or something like that. I can easily do that without too much hassle or without too much scrolling. I do like how you have all the information at the top of the app. You can see the description without too much scrolling. I don’t think this open house section needs to be here. I feel like the default setting for open houses should be no open houses and then if there is an open house you just have a little mark or you know text over the picture. I feel like that’s a lot of real estate to take up to show that there’s no open house. Ok so there’s some pros and some cons guys let me give you three reasons why you should never use the app. Wow that escalated quickly. Number one is they don’t show condo fees. I will repeat that the app does not show condo fees. Condo fees are vital for buyers looking to purchase a condo. Let’s take for example this condo in Old Town Alexandria at Abington row nowhere in the app does it show the condo fee. The HOA fee shows zero dollars per month now did the agent make a mistake when they entered the property into the MLS. Double check we pull it up on Zillow and when we do we see that right there the condo fee is listed at 475 per month. So clearly the agent entered the property incorrectly the realtor com app just doesn’t show the condo fee guys. This cannot happen in a real estate app in 2020. The second reason why the app is not worth your time is because they show contingent properties when you’re searching for active properties. So when you’re looking for a house you want that house to be available right there’s nothing more frustrating than searching for active properties only to find contingent properties showing up. Contingent pending that means the same thing it means the seller has accepted an offer and the home is not available. And when we search for active properties on the app you can see some of the properties here are active and some are contingent. That’s extremely frustrating. It looks like all these properties are active when in fact they are not. How about removing those properties or even changing the color of the properties.

But instead of changing the colors or just removing those properties altogether those contingent properties show up next to the active properties guys that is not good. And the third reason why you should never use the app is because the app does not show virtual tours. Getting back on track when we load up the app and we pull up the listing for Commonwealth I will literally look everywhere up-down left-right I’m just not gonna be able to find the virtual tour. Because it does not show up in the app. The bottom line for the app is they don’t show condo fees, they don’t show virtual tours and then they show contingent properties when you’re searching for active properties. Guys that’s because of these three reasons that the app is the fifth best app in the lineup and there’s really no reason to have it on your phone.