Homesnap Real Estate & Rentals


The app that comes in third place on my list is Homesnap and guys it pains me to put Homesnap this low on my list because if you were to ask me Matt if you could only use one real estate app for the rest of your life won’t it be. Well I would tell you Homesnap. We’re gonna get into the app now and the biggest benefit of the home step app is it will have a tremendous amount of data both on the home neighboring properties and sold properties. And it’s extremely easy to find this information.

However the biggest downside is it’s just not very user friendly. So let’s load up a listing here and right from the start an automatic slideshow starts playing. I didn’t ask for this slideshow to start playing. I can’t control the speed of the slideshow and the pictures seem to be cropped in. So it doesn’t show the whole frame and in order to see the full picture you actually have to click on the photo and then that brings up all the photos and then you have to actually press the back button to go back to see all the information. That’s just a lot of work just to see the photos on my own terms. I would much rather prefer the options in the previous apps that we’ve seen where you simply just swipe left and right you don’t have to click and enter in and have all the pictures pop up. I like having just swipe left and right and scroll up and down. As we start scrolling and scrolling while scrolling maybe the theme of Homesnap the first thing that we see is the property history and Homesnap does not hold back with the amount of information it has on the property. If it was up to me I may actually want to read the property description before learning about all the price drops and the times they rented the property. Not a big deal but you can see with this property specifically there’s a lot of activity and it takes a lot of scrolling to actually see the property description. The biggest issue I have with home sets is the amount of scrolling it takes to actually find the information that you’re looking for.

Do you remember when we looked at the Compass app and we saw those amenities and they were neatly laid out? Well in the whole SAP app it kind of just looks like they copy and paste in the exact information from the MLS including the format and it’s just not that easy to read. One of the big benefits and reasons I love Homesnap is because of all the data it has on the surrounding houses. You can easily zoom into an area and see the homes that are under contract or that have sold recently. In some other apps like it was hard to decipher which properties had sold and which we’re still active. One of the main reasons that Homesnap does not rank higher is because it’s kind of difficult to see HOA fees and no fees. There in the app but you have to do so much scrolling to finally pull up the HOA fees and then once you find them you know your thumb just didn’t work out and you’re just tired of hunting for the fees. You think since HOA fees and condo fees are so important to the buyer that they would just have them in a prominent position. In the future I hope that Homesnap changes the location of the HOA and condo fees and moves them a lot higher because it’s so frustrating to have to scroll down, click a button and do some more scrolling to finally find those HOA fees.

Overall home staff has the potential to be the best app on the list but because of how difficult it is for the user to actually use the app. It checks in at number 3