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Coming in at number four is the Compass real estate app guys Compass is a brokerage and they also have a real say tap and I’ll just tell you up front some of these apps may or may not be available in your specific market place. I know Compass has some 20 2020 vision where they want to be in 20 cities by 2020 and have 20% of the market share or something of that nature. I’m glad they decided to hop on the Android train and I’m excited to take a look at the app. One of the best things that Compass had was Compass coming soon listings guys I’m talking in the past tense because a lot of things are changing with the Compass coming soon listings. And it’s used to be a huge competitive advantage for Compasses, and it’s pretty much gone away now. So Compass is a brokerage that has a lot of really good agents in a lot of big markets. And one of the things that they touted was hey we’re Compass we have listings that nobody else has come to use our app and use our agents. So buyers were like you’re telling me you got 20% of the listings that aren’t on the MLS yeah let’s use this app. Then the MLS said no no no sweetie you can’t create your own MLS. So you may still see some Compass coming soon listings but nowhere near to the extent of where they were a year or even two years ago. The main benefit of the Compass app is it’s so incredibly easy to use. The design is sleek, very intuitive, and a very clean minimalist design you can tell that they’ve put a lot of money into the app and it’s extremely user friendly.

All right let’s just get into the features now and when we open up a property you can see a very clean look there’s not too many crazy colors going on here just black and white. You have all the information towards the top. I would probably prefer if the description was before the listing agent’s name. That’s kind of like saying the consumer would rather see the real estate agent than the property description. Personally I think those two should be flipped. Another thing I love about the Compass app is it cleanly displays the amenities for the property. Especially with condos some apps just copy and paste the format directly from the MLS. So it’s a little bit harder to read but with the Compass app it lays out the amenities in two columns so it’s much easier for the user. You also have a feature called collections or you can add properties to a group and save them for later. I’m not sure how beneficial it is since most properties in my area sell very quickly. I created a collection called other people’s properties where I added a few properties to it because by the time I go back and look at those properties or review them. Someone’s already gonna buy them because the market moves so quickly but maybe I could see the benefit. If you’re in a much slower market or if you need to go back and view a certain house for whatever reason. Another small thing that I’m wondering about is when you click on a Compass listing you see the agent’s face but when you click on a listing that’s not listed by Compass you don’t see the agent’s face. And there’s no way for me as a non Compass agent to upload my pretty mug shot to the Compass app and I know that’s not really the biggest of deals at the end of the day. But if you’re the Compass development team and if you’re a consumer would you rather see a face or no face at al.L I think it’d be a better user experience if other agents were allowed to upload their photo into the Compass app.

Overall there are three main reasons why I would not recommend it be a Compass app. Number one is you can’t see all the listings. If you are using the Compass real estate app to buy a house you’re not going to be able to see all the listings available for sale. The reason being is because for sale by owners individuals looking to sell their house without an agent. Well those individuals need to upload their property manually. And where are they going to do that they’re gonna do it on those sites that get the most amount of traffic and Compass well they’re just not big enough. So those for sale by owners so they’re gonna go to bigger places like Redfin or to Zillow to list their property. So we can see here this property is clearly listed for sale on Redfin comm. But when we come over to the Compass app it is nowhere to be found. The second reason I don’t recommend the Compass app is because you actually can’t click on the verge World Tour links; this one still confuses me. This date guys so Compass actually does a good job of including the virtual tour some apps don’t even include that. So when they include the virtual tour link they include the entire URL so you can try to click on it but it’s not hyperlinked there’s no way to actually click on it. And I guess you could search in front of your computer and then type that URL out into your computer but at that point why aren’t you just searching on your computer. You would think for a brokerage that focuses on technology they would have figured out how to make a link that’s clickable. We’re a technology company but ooh having a link that’s clickable that’s a tough one. Maybe during the next round of private funding they can figure out how to make a virtual tour clickable and the third reason that Compass comes in fourth place is because well there’s just not a lot of data in the Compass app. Even in the realtor com app you’re able to zoom into an area and click on properties that are not on the market to learn more about the neighboring properties and their values. When you zoom in on the Compass app well nothing comes up there’s no information on those properties.

Now you can always go into your search search for properties that have sold or under contract but that still doesn’t tell the whole picture. There’s always going to be homes that don’t show up on that list because maybe that house is now expired or the listing was cancelled. So it’s not sold it’s not under contract but you still want to know what they tried to sell their house for. This information is not included on the Compass app. When you compare to other apps like Homesnap Zillow you’re gonna get a lot more information about off market properties. Overall Compass has a very sleek design and very cool app, very easy to use but these drawbacks are just a little bit too much for me to include in my regular rotation of real estate apps that I use.