HiShoot2i Download v1.4

I’ll drop a link in the description the first non Play Store app is a screenshot editor called high shoot to I this lets you play screenshots into smartphoneframes but it takes it a step further by allowing anyone to create template most of the templates can be found on a telegram channel called high shoot templates you basically go on that channel scroll through until you find a screenshot template that you like then you download the apk that’s right below it once installed open the high shoot to I app and you can find the templates by tapping the Gallery icon and then default from there you just select the template that you downloaded go back and then you can add a screenshot within the device frame by tapping the plus icon and then for a screenshot and then you can find the screenshot within your files you can also edit the background shadow frame glare and badge once you’re done you can save the image and upload it to whateveryou’d like there are other apps on the Play Store