The triage is an app where you can find medications to pieces and accurate answers to a question. For example you’re having like a headache or an allergy you can actually search a lot in here and you will get quick answers or if you’re just really worried about your health or something like that you can search across those treatments for a short time and in case of emergencies you can also track the nearest hospital around you. So if you’re like me who takes a lot of hours to go to sleep or have trouble sleeping and playing cards to wake up early in the morning listen to the relaxing and soothing sounds on the app called sleep pillow. You can combine the sound of the birds, ocean, wind for instance. It can also help you reduce stress nobody has the time to record the nutrients in cake but if you suffer from lactose fructose histamine and salicylic acid intolerance this app called all-I-can-eat can see at a glance of what foods you can eat or drink by calculating your compatibility for each food. keeping yourself physically fit by exercising and working out on the weekend really matter. The only thing that takes a lot of ours to do. There’s an app called seven-minute workout. It relates the workout routines that help you to focus.