Raccoon Adventure: City Simulator 3D


Another quick game to mention is  resident evil 3 Raccoon City demo.  Basically Capcom is doing another  reimagining of the Resident Evil series  this time resident evil 3. And for this  game what they’re doing is quite  interesting they’re putting out a demo of a  short teaser sure you know a taste of  what this game is going to be about for  free on Steam and the ps4. So you can hop  in and try and just see what this game is  all about before you go and buy it. I  wish that more games did this. It used to  be a thing way way back in the ps2 days  where you had demo discs and all that  but now demos are kind of falling off  but this is great. You get the taste of what  the game is about and then you can make  a judgement if you want to go and buy it.  Personally I haven’t played it judging by the 8900 reviews and the overall rating is very  positive. It’s very likely to say that  this game is going to be spectacular and the racking City demo is a great taste of it.