Mobile CS:GO


As we all know because of the illness  video game play accounts have been going  up and up. And one prime example of this  is CS:GO. Which  has seen a resurgence in activity. This  resurgence is so large that csgo beat  dota twos long-standing concurrent  players record with 1 million 295,000  and 971 players on April 18th. Where dota  2’s record of 1 million 295,000 114  players was set four years ago. This is a  huge achievement in shows that canna  strike is going nowhere even with games  like valor and clipping on their heels  and train us through some of the  playerbase away. Of course playerunknown’s battlegrounds take the  all-time peak of 3.2 million players  however nowadays it’s sitting under  Counter Strike in dota 2 consistently  when it comes to concurrent players.  Showing that the staples of canna strike  and dota are here to stay when it comes  to people playing this game for the  future. Many platforms have been  following the direction of Epic Games by  releasing pay to play games for free to  own as in you click it you link it to  your account and then you have that game  forever.  And it seems like PlayStation is up next  with their play at home initiative. 

Basically they’re offering and charting  the Nathan Drake collection and journey  for free for a limited time through  digital downloads from April to 15th to  make a 5th. And basically once you redeem  those games they are yours to keep. This  is awesome because the Nathan Drake  collection has the free in childhood  games all  REME masa for the ps4 and then you have a journey and that looks like a beautiful  beautiful experience. Overall it is a great  idea and hopefully Microsoft and  Nintendo get on top of this as well and  have this whole will free the own  schedule forward Xbox and the switch as  well.