Marvel legendary

My favorite game for marvel board  games slash card games is Marvel  legendary. I really enjoy this game. There  are a zillion expansions out for another  cooperative game. A theme in Marvel games  for sure and you’re working together  trying to beat some major bad guy  there’s so many of them to pick from at  this point. And they’re you you’re going  to need to get the starter set but after  that you can you can find almost any  hero in Marvel Comics in the set  the x-men to the Avengers to the  guardians of the galaxy to Fantastic  Four so spider-man and his friends –  very weird heroes that only showed up at  a few comic books. And there are so many  combinations in them to the point that  it’s a ridiculous number that you  couldn’t even imagine in your head.  you’ll never play the same game twice  and just it has so much artwork so much  going on in it and just a really solid  fun cooperative game.