Marvel heroes now

This one is the I think well it’s one of  the oldest games in the list it’s  designed by the same group of people who  made the very well renowned War of the  Ring. In this game you control a group of  heroes and they’re running around New  York City trying to fight off different  people and solve problems than you have  a specific villain that another player  is controlling for use of them control  the x-men you might be controlling  Magneto. If I’m controlling the Fantastic  Four you’re controlling Doctor Doom. One  of the things noted about this one is  there’s lots of characters in this one  not just the Avengers as there is in  most games there’s very few x-men games  currently out there worth getting. this  one shows its age a little bit and pales  maybe in comparison to some newer games but  there’s a lot of cool things about it.