Hackers and free-to-play games have  always been an issue as unlike pay to  play tiles you can  keep making accounts if you get banned  and it seems like warzone is the next  victim of this. Many plays have reported  blatant hackers in their games with  obvious cheats like aimbot & wallhack.  And even if they do get banned they can  just hop straight into another account  and straight back into the game. But devs  have lashed out at the hackers but to no  avail and console players have been  turning off cross play so they don’t get  matched up with players hacking on the  PC. Overall it’s a pretty bad situation  and Activision needs to get on top of  this before people start leaving for  good. Hackers is one of the top reasons  people who leave free-to-play games for  good and I don’t want to see ecology do  Wars oh and be another page in that book.