ZOOM Cloud Meetings


Next we have Zoom. After using Zoom for maybe two years a couple years now it’s basically like Skype. I like a few of the features. Better I think it’s a little bit more professional than Skype instead of being like start a call it says start a meeting. So it’s definitely more used for business purposes. It allows you to share your screen, it allows you to voice chat video chat there’s also like a text chat box as well as you can record the meeting. So if you want to record the video from a meeting or just the audio from a meeting you can do that. That’s actually how I used to record my podcast interviews. I would call them through Zoom and then record the audio from it and then take the audio from the call. So a lot of things you can use Zoom for just like a quick conference call, a quick FaceTime with a potential client or employee, whatever you want and or you can use it for things like podcasting. Yeah I definitely use the free version on all of these as well.