WhatsApp Business


In this article I wanted to explain to you how to use Whatsapp for business. Now Whatsapp for business is a different app than Whatsapp the regular messenger app. It is actually a standalone app dedicated for businesses. So it’s not like Instagram where you change your personal account into a business account you actually have to download this new app. While you’re downloading the app, let me explain youI the setup process of the app, and how to utilize this for your business. This is finally available on iPhone. It’s been available to Android for a while. The very first page of the app asks you to give it access to your contact if you want. It asks me if I want to use my phone number as my business number – I’m just gonna say okay use that number and press next. This just has to validate and verify my phone number in this case. Then, it’s asking me to put a pin so I’ll put a pin to secure my accounts. Now he’s gonna ask to put in my business name and he put my profile picture looks like from my regular Whatsapp. So you could go ahead and edit that and make it more business appropriate. And you need to do a business category that is a required option. I just pick entertainment here. This is actually best used for not an internet company like I’m using. It’s best for small businesses. If you deal with customers locally this Whatsapp business is really intended more for that what I’m trying to use it for. And again you could press edit and go ahead and change your profile picture once you’re done. The app looks exactly the same; so if you go to status for example if you look on the bottom status call camera chat settings all the same. But under settings this is where things are a little bit different so you’ll have a business setting option when you go to that settings page. In business settings there’s a couple of things we should set. One is a greeting message and the other one is that way a greeting message could say. You could turn that on and to everyone that sends you a message it says thank you for contacting hello dot com please let us know how we can help so that’s the default message you could obviously change that and change your recipients to exclude people. And you could always turn it off if you don’t want a greeting message but this is great for people to get a message when they get here and you have your way message you could turn that on if you’re away so it says thanks for your message we’re not available we’ll get back to you again you could edit that. And you could have a quick reply. So if you just type in slash thanks for example it’s gonna do a quick reply you could always add a quick reply by pressing the plus sign. Type in the shortcut and the message for it and add it. So you could press edit and you could go ahead and add an address, you could change your category, add description of business hours and add your website. So I definitely want to add my website hello dot com and I’m gonna press save and make sure you add as much as possible under that tap. And then you could go to short links and you could start promoting this page again you have to start promoting this page otherwise it’s not gonna be very useful; you want to go ahead and click the short link here, copy it and start sharing it with people. You could also create a default message so you copy this link, then I could share with my customers. Again this is great for a local business not an internet website that I have.