Trello: Organize anything with anyone, anywhere!


I’m gonna talk about a productivity app. And they also have a desktop application so it’s very easy to use. And it is Trello. What I have used in Travelport in the past is to plan video content plan podcast content plan events like all the different steps in a big project. I think it’s great for big project ideas or to organize your ideas. Basically you just have a bunch of forwards and you can categorize them. You can also have multiple projects going on and under each board you basically have a list. And in that list you can color code it you can add notes you can add collaborators. So it’s also great if you have a team it’s like a simpler way to manage ideas within a team. If you do have a team or you’re a part of a team. Compared to a sauna or slack if you want some like bigger aspects you need more than definitely check out those two. But if you want something simple just for you or just to kind of figure out ideas to brain dump definitely check out Charlie.