The Plug.


This app lets you easily monetize your influencer audience. And this guide says it’s so simple. I’ve made two hundred dollars a day. And this is also the app I use to make five hundred and fifty dollars online. How this works is you’re basically gonna choose an app you can promote. You’re the kind of post about it on your social network and then they’re gonna pay you for every install you get. Let’s just say you’re promoting one of the apps for 50 cents per install and you get 10 downloads. You will make $5 and you can cash out directly into your PayPal account. So, you will earn points in this app and you will then be able to turn those coins into cash. And I made around 15k points on this app which pay me around five hundred and fifty dollars. So, it’s pretty decent – you’re gonna get paid for every single time you drive and install. You can do this with friends and family, you can post it on your social media. You can also create campaigns on Instagram, or Facebook, or YouTube and promote it on these platforms. You will then get installs and you will get paid for all of these installs.