Next is where my product business is out there and it is Square. Well Square so I just started my product business. My first product business this summer is you guys know my dream to be a workbook planner and when I was speaking at an event I also had a booth set up where I was selling my planners. And you may have seen or used these at a booth or like an on-the-go shop it is the Square card reader. And so actually little life back here if you just create a Square account and then you go online they will ship one of these card readers to you for free. It’s not the nicer one it’s just like the basic card reader. It doesn’t take chips. You have to swipe every card and of course there is a credit card fee. All places that take cards there is a fee you have to pay per card. So just take note of that but it’s gonna make you look so professional if you are at some kind of event or you’re just with someone and you have your product there in person and they’re like hey I want to buy that instead of directing them to your website. You can say oh perfect let me put this into my phone or iPad here let me get your card and I can have you pay right here. So that’s super awesome Square point-of-sale.