G Suite


Next I recommend to download just all of the Google suite products. So personally I am a Google fan rather than an office fan. So like my windows office would be like PowerPoint Excel Google’s suite is like Google sheets Google slides that kind of thing. So that’s personally what I use just because since I have all Apple products it’s easier to access on all devices. So you have a Windows computer but an Apple phone and you want to use the phone you want to use the app on your phone or an iPad then you can also download like Microsoft Excel for iPad or for iPhone. And use that. But I just like using Google suite as I said so just download all of them Google sheets Google slides sign into your account so that if you’re on the go and you need to pull up a presentation for someone you need to have it checked. You are at a business meeting, you know your future self out of business meeting and you need to pull up your budget. Or you need to pull up something in an excel file. It’s much easier to pull it up in the app then to have to go on your phone or on your iPad like Safari or Google Chrome type in like Google sheets. Just have it on the app so it’s easy to pull up whenever you need.