Canva: Graphic Design & Video


Next one  is Canva. I’m always so surprised when I introduce someone to can but I’m like how do you not already know about this? It’s literally the best thing ever. It’s seriously the easiest way to make any kind of graphic work so a resume social media graphics website header Facebook banner podcast cover. Like whatever you need they have a template for they have us they give you awesome ideas for what you can create with the graphic. They give you it’s just so it’s the easiest graphic designer I’ve ever used. And I also like Photoshop and PicMonkey and things like that every now and then but this is what I used for my thumbnails now and for most of my like in social media graphics. I use other things for Instagram stories. So if you want to know what I use for Instagram stories let me know and I can do that for you about that so great for small businesses because you may not have the funds to hire a graphic designer you may not want to have to learn Photoshop yourself or pay for Photoshop. So Canva is definitely the way to go.