Affinity Designer


Just like Procreate, it doesn’t have a monthly subscription and goes for a one-time payment of $19.99. Affinity Designer has a unique feature that lets you create both vector and raster graphics. This can be done by instantly switching through workspaces that are called personas that have different sets of tools. Use the “Pixel Persona” to plan and sketch your design, and then use the “Vector Persona” to create shapes, color fills and line work. During the whole process, you can switch back and forth to add shading and adjustments to your illustration. Another great feature is that it allows you to import your fonts and vector brushes from your desktop computer. More importantly, you can create simple artworkwithout the apple pencil. Everything can be adjusted with just a tap of a finger.Affinity Designer also gives you access to free stock footage that you can incorporate n your designs. You’ll find the user interface quite pleasing, as it has all the panels visible with familiar tools.You can create your artwork in the recommended sRGB color profile and export it as a PNG file with a transparent background, as well as in other formats if you want to do some retouching in desktop applications. If you’re new to creating designs on tablets, remember that it will take some time to get used to hand gestures to optimize your workflow. Affinity Designer is extremely useful if you want to create designs for embroidery, as well as print files for different products. Since vector files are scalable you can easily adjust the elements to fit the product’s print area. So far I only covered two of the best apps that are available for Apple devices.